Tim Holtz Distress Inks etc technique examples

Some examples of Tim Holtz’ Distress Inks and stains etc. There are also some videos available on the internet at various locations.

Tag 1 (White Tag) – Distress Ink™ Blended Spritz & FlickInk tag with various colours of Distress Ink using an Ink Blending Tool. Tap tool onto ink pad and ink tag using a circular motion from the Craft Sheet. Continue until desired look is achieved. Spritz water in your hand from Mister and flick water droplets onto inked tag. Dry water with Heat Tool creating faded droplets.

Tag 2 (Ivory Tag) – Distress Ink™ Wrinkle-Free:  Rub 2-3 Distress Ink Stamp Pads directly on the Craft Sheet without overlapping the inks. Liberally spritz with water from Mister. Press tag onto inked Craft Sheet. Dry with Heat Tool. Blot sections of tag again with remaining ink to create layers of ink. Be sure to dry between layers of inking.

Tag 3 (Ivory Tag) – Distress Ink™ Perfect Distress. Ink tag with Distress Ink using Ink Blending Tool and Foam. Dry completely with Heat Tool. Stamp image with Distress Ink. Dust with Perfect Pearls.  (Perfect Pearls sticks to stamped image.) Set with water from Mister.

Tag 4 (White Tag) – Distress Stains Blended:  Wet tag with water from Mister until completely saturated with water. While surface is wet, apply Distress Stains by swiping over areas. Continue swiping various colours of Distress Stains as desired. Begin drying surface with Heat Tool. While surface is drying, spritz with water to blend colours.

Tag 5 (White Tag) – Distress Stains Marbled & Stamped- Apply Picket Fence Distress Stain to Craft Sheet. Apply various colours of Distress Stain around the Picket Fence Stain. Swipe tag through stains several times until covered with colour. Begin drying surface with Heat Tool. While tag is drying, spritz with water to marbleize colours and create mottled effects. Apply Picket Fence Stain directly to stamp and stamp over background. Dry with Heat Tool.

Tag 6 (White Tag with watercolour paper) – Distress Markers Colouring:  Stamp image with StazOn ink on watercolour paper and dry with Heat Tool. Colour image with Distress Markers using brush or fine tips. Blend and shade colours using a Aquash Water Brush. For layered colour, swipe a marker on to Craft Sheet and swipe another colour marker through the ink and colour.

Check out the Kaszazz website for the stamps used in these tags : http://www.kaszazz.com

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