Best way to “de-stress” yourself?

Well, I don’t know what you like to do to “de-stress” yourself but I like going out to nature and enjoying the trees, birds and just “delighting in life”.  You may have noticed that one of my favourite stamps is “Delight in Life”  I love using that stamp because it is useful for many occasions.  Anyway, for those of you not in Australia, the place we went to, is in the snowy mountains called Thredbo in the State of New South Wales and the river is so clear and pure you can see the bottom and even fish on occasion.  Despite the hundreds of people milling around it is still peaceful and rejuvenating just to be there, somehow the trees and the hills around the village just make you feel relaxed and at peace.

The photo at the bottom – crow trying to steal someone’s lunch – didn’t come out very well because I only had my mobile phone to take photos and I didn’t want to scare it off before I took the photo, but it was quite determined to get that lunch, it was really banging into the bag, luckily whatever it was trying to get was in a solid container not just plastic or paper wrapper.

I cannot say I have “caught up” because I have heaps more to do but I hope I’ve given you something of interest for now and I’ll be back in a while – as soon as I find something else interesting to post.  Cheers for now.

Clear, cool waters of Thredbo, NSW.
Thredbo River, Thredbo NSW Australia
Bush on the edge of Thredbo River
Rugged Thredbo River, Thredbo NSW Australia
Thief crow!
Crow/black bird trying to get into someone’s lunch!

Author: raevon59

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