Tilt card – technique Thursday

Well, it’s that time again when I’m Card Captain for the Michael Strong Stamps group.  Apologies that I haven’t posted much lately but time/life gets in the way and mostly I’m too tired to get on here, except when I’m card captain – I have to get these cards done and out.

Here is Thursday’s card and I have also posted the instructions for those interested in having a go making one.

Apologies for being a little late (particularly for those in the Southern Hemisphere) but I was working on the instructions for today’s card, writing instructions is not as easy as one might think. Some people were interested in making the card I made for day 1 – Tilt Card.  So, here are the instructions, I also include a link to a video by Christina Griffiths (Card-making-magic.com).  No excuses for you not making one.  I know one other person who has seen the video and I think has made a tilt card but some time ago. Well, the instructions are on the PDF sheet, if you have any questions just email me.  I tried to be as clear as possible and with the pics it should be easy to understand.  Christina’s video is also very helpful.

I have also attached a photo of the card “laid out” that is, not folded up into a card. I am quite pleased the way this one turned out.  I did use an A4 card, not quite the same thickness as the usual cardstock but it still worked well.

The main thing to watch is the angles when cutting the triangles.  You can cover all sides if you wish – I did that with Monday’s card but not the one for today.

The link to Christina Griffith’s video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLdojLAcFsQ  and this one was sent to me from another member:  http://www.card-making-magic.com/tiltcardtutorial.html

The link to the card for those on Digest is:  https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/enjoyMichaelStrongstamps/photos/albums/1819426252/lightbox/106985655?orderBy=ordinal&sortOrder=asc&photoFilter=ALL#zax/106985655

The double stamping was intentional “Love & Hugs”, in case anyone is wondering.

Well, I think all that’s left is to attach everything and let you have fun making your cards.  Enjoy and thanks for looking.

COTD4 - Tech Thur 10Mar2016COTD4 - laid out Thur 10Mar2016Tilt card – LR Version Mar2016


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