Wow! What a year!

Hello everyone,

It has been a while and I apologise for that but my studies to complete my MBA came above all else, throw in a few family medical issues not to mention paranormal, well … you get the idea.

Having completed studies, now I can concentrate on catching up on all the things that didn’t get done.  Like sorting out mum’s clothes… finally… after 6 years, I think I have given 70% away, tossed 20% kept 10%.  Not to mention the 30% I gave away to a friend who helped me go through the clothes before they left mum’s house!  Now we just have to do the garage (double), which has all sorts of furniture, boxes of Christmas decorations, Christmas villages to mention some.

Anyway, just wanted to drop in and let you know that I’m still around and looking to do a few posts now an then.  I did do “Card of the day” for the Michael Strong Stamps group last week and I will be posting those here and on the Michael Strong Facebook page over the next few days.

Christmas! Where has the time gone and yet a lot has happened in the last few months, most of which I’d rather forget.  Though I did have some interesting times with my studies, for one subject we were away on holiday and I had to do a PowerPoint presentation with audio.  That was interesting because the people in the unit beside us could be heard all over the resort, so it made it tricky to do the audio.  Got it done though and did well, despite the neighbours.

Now, I’m looking forward to getting my own business going properly, so more interesting times ahead.  My business will be making proper, tactile scrapbooks for clients, difficult to market because of all the digital ones available, but gotta give it a go!

With that in mind, just a small example of  one I made and adding to – a work in progress.  The pages were made up in advance but without specific “placements” for photos so they are put wherever/however I think approprite, and photos are added as I find appropriate ones.  Mostly family ones in this small one A5 (Australian sizing).  I do have normal 12″ x 12″ albums made as well, even a smaller one and a round one.

Anyway, I think that’s enough for now, it took a while to locate these photos – too many and in too many different locations.  That’s something else I’ll be working on but that’s for another post.  Cheers and thanks for reading.

Author: raevon59

Scrapbooker, card maker and Creative Memories Advisor. My goal since 2020 and beyond is to make scrapbooks for other people. I would really like to spend more time filling albums with my scrapbook pages, writing books, making cards and helping others with their scrapbooking and card making. Want to know more? Send me a message.

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