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Some years ago I was lucky enough to receive a few books in exchange for writing an honest review.  I was very new to writing reviews, the only reviews I had written until 2012 was for my Childrens’ Literature Major while completing my Bachelor of Arts in Library and Information Studies.  It was only fair that I should write a review as I had been gifted the book.   Writing reviews of books has taken my reading to new worlds, and new genres from romance to science fiction to paranormal.  I would not have thought I would enjoy such a variety of genres and subjects.  I have read children’s books, young adult books as well as adult fiction.

Disclosure: Some links in this post if clicked may provide me with a small commission.

I am including three books here as a guide to the different types of books I have read and despite being not the usual genres or topics I would normally choose I enjoyed every one of them.

Master of the Grove by Victor Kelleher would not be considered science fiction but because I read some Victor Kelleher books for my Bachelor of Arts in Library and Information Studies it seemed only natural to read a familiar author for my first review.  I only include this review here to show that I have been reviewing books for some time.

Master of the GroveMaster of the Grove by Victor Kelleher

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“Victor Kelleher’s masterful portrayal of the conflict caused by the greed for power. Derin’s journey to find his father, the twists and turns in his quest, little realising that he was being manipulated by the “good” side to help destroy the evil that has taken over his world. Extremely well written, and engaging from the get-go – as are all his works.”
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Living in Threes by Judith Tarr (Science Fiction)
This review was written for LibraryThing Early Reviewers.

“Quite a complex approach but well handled! Three girls or only one? The current time has Meredith, whose mother is dying from cancer, Meru from a future time, has just found out that her mother has died from the plague which originated in the past time of Meritre. The three girls are linked through time and the two others help their current time persona – Meredith – through the loss of her mother to cancer. A complex story but well drawn together, well written and even with some editing glitches a very good read. Cancer is the 20th and 21st century plague? Could this be the link that binds the three girls? I recommend you read the book and make your own decision.”

UnderUnder His Skin His Skin by Jennifer Blackstream

This review I wrote in 2013 and while it isn’t science fiction it is close.  Paranormal to some people is equivalent to science fiction because it is difficult for them to understand.  These days science fiction is not necessarily ‘fiction’ with computers that learn and AI advancement to the point of self-driving vehicles, though they still have a way to go, is no longer in the “realm of science fiction”. This was an intriguing novel.  Update February 2022:  This item appears not to be available on Amazon.  Perhaps because the author is a Goodreads author and publishes through Skeleton Key Publishing and Smashwords.

Under His Skin by Jennifer Blackstream

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“I had the honour of receiving a free copy of this book several months ago and because of work and family issues, I was unable to read it until a week ago. I started to read and read until I had finished. The story was intriguing and because I love stories that show good imagination and are well written I simply could not put it down. So what is the story, in short it is a love story but also a story of stolen identity of the worst kind. It is a story of magic, shape shifting, revenge and love. We have all heard that “love conquers all” I am sure, but the author has really shown it. The story is also a good example of how violence is not always the answer to problems. A beautiful tale and well written, though a little more editing would not hurt. Well worth a read and I would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone with an ounce of imagination. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read it.”


I think for an introduction to science fiction books and to whet your curiosity and appetite these are a good start for you to check out.  I have many more books to read and review, from all genres and some not my favourite.  I do receive a consideration for my reviews in the form of free books from the authors for whom I write the reviews.

I finished one book recently for which the author said she would love if I could write a review so I will be writing and sharing a review for that in the next week.  I will be busy for some time reading and writing reviews.  Stay tuned for these as they come up and no they may not all be science fiction.

Thanks for reading.  I would love to receive your comments.

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