Easter Reading or listening

Whether it is for your Easter reading or for Mothers’ Day gifts which format would be more appropriate? To listen rather than read a physical book? Amazon Audible always provides a trial period but this time it is 2 months so check out the books you want to read and see how many you can read or rather listen to during your trial period. Is this a challenge, perhaps it is but it is a challenge against yourself.

Which would be more of a challenge reading ebook or physical book or listening to the book being read to you. My preference is to read the words even if it is an ebook, I can read on the computer, iPad or iPhone. While waiting for an appointment at the doctor’s or wherever, I find the waiting time seems to go faster and just as you get to a crucial point – you are called in, darn! You might prefer to listen while you’re waiting. The image below is one of the books I picked randomly to show. There are plenty more to choose from!

Just one example available on Audible through Amazon

Some people think that a physical book, one that you hold in your hand is being edged out of existence. I would argue that the touch and feel of a book is half the pleasure of reading it. It seems there is, dare I say, an almost mystic connection between book and reader. The reader can look at the cover and almost see what the book will do – take the reader to places where physically no-one can go but in his/her connection (imagination) with the book s/he is there and living the adventure that the book is taking the reader on.

I have found a similar connection with ebooks, I have acquired many through giveaways and gifts but I still prefer physical books which I can see on my shelf and the story in it comes flooding back. I have many that I would not willingly give up for anything.

With Mothers’ Day in UK this coming weekend, there are a selection of books that would be appropriate gifts whatever the format – books, audible or ebooks. I have made recommendations before, so here are some more this time by Eveyln Puerto. Intriguing topics but you know the old saying ‘never judge a book’ by its cover. That is so true. Over the last several months I have read many books which could not be classified as my normal choice of genres, topics or categories. I have read science fiction which had me hooked from chapter one and yet I have also read or tried to read books by the so called ‘classical’ authors and have not been able to get past chapter one.

Perhaps your next adventure is one of survival by being “Lost in Kakadu“set in Australia it is an intriguing romance cum thriller where the reader is never quite sure of survival.

As you may have gathered this post about books contains links to Amazon of which I am an affiliate and should you purchase from the links provided I may be paid a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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I have edited this post since publication because when re-reading it there was further editing needed.

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