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Heart of Smoke: The Complete Collection by Megan O’Russell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I would first like to thank the author and publishers for gifting me a copy of the Collection to read and provide a review. I found it difficult reading initially because I found myself uncomfortable with some of the content a little way into the first book. Having taken a break for a day or so, I picked up where I left off and I then, of course, could not put the books down until I had finished the Collection. I say books because having the Collection you simply go from Book 1 straight to Book 2 and so on.

It doesn’t take much to imagine the conditions of a city left to rot and die with no clean water and contaminated food sources, and its inhabitants a mix of the worst of humankind all fighting to survive at the expense of others and vampires lurking in shadows making the streets danger zones, the sun when it is clear of ash from the fires is so hot it would burn through anything that has not been “sun-proofed”.

In all this Lanni and her sister try to survive, Lanni working in a factory (for an honest but meagre living), stealing and selling goods to unscrupulous traders and just managing to stay out of trouble and her young sister together with other children works in another part of the factory where schooling is given on overhead screens while the children work.

The description of the city and the conditions is graphic and at times explicit enough to not leave too much to your imagination.

When Lanni is kidnapped and finally meets her sister at the “meeting place” the girls are told that arrangements had been made for them to be taken to one of the Domes to begin a new and safe life. When that new life is also threatened Lanni fears for her sister’s future and takes matters into her own hands with the aid of some similar-minded friends.

The Collection makes for compelling reading despite my initial reaction to the content which was of course relevant to the condition of the city’s identity. I found the Collection well researched and the books flowed well together with each following on from the one before.

Highly recommend the Collection as it is better read in order even if purchased separately.

Thank you again for the opportunity to read this Collection and provide a review.

Thank you for visiting and reading. If you enjoyed this review please leave your comments below.

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