Do you need to upskill?

Do you need to update your skills and be certified and/or gain certification for a new skill, this is your opportunity to do that.

Get skills-to-job training & certification courses with no application fees or testing and flexible in-person or online classes at Unmudl


This is a new program, for me at least and I am excited to share this opportunity with you. Check it out and please give me feedback if you found it helpful.

Qualify for a better job in weeks instead of years, with skills-based training & certification courses at Unmudl today!

This program brings together employers and colleges to provide education in a form that helps “… create equitable and sustainable solutions for working learners”. The best way to explain their services is to share their statement from their website:

The Unmudl Marketplace Solutions team helps employers and community colleges:

Identify unmet skills gaps to be addressed by short-term community college courses

Manage the relationship between employer/industry partners and Unmudl partner colleges to build cost-effective training solutions 

Design curricula that draws from the vast resource base of our college partners

Deploy custom courses through the workforce marketplace using place-based, hybrid, and online modalities

Market courses to working learners

Build on the base of initial custom courses to ensure training is aligned and integrated with:
– Industry certifications
– Academic pathways and credentials, within and among
– Unmudl partner collegesEmployer pipeline development, talent acquisition,
DE&I, L&D, and tuition benefit program.

The best way to know if the program is right for you is to go and explore the site and find out what they offer.

So, I look forward to hearing back from you if you found this post useful/helpful or otherwise.

Thanks for looking and exploring. You can also check out my other posts and please leave comments if you like/don’t like that way I know what to post and what not. Until next time.♦LR

For this post, I am adding a reference that explains the need to re-skill or upskill as some call it and also because an image is from the article. Over your lifetime you may need to do this several times. There are plenty more articles on the web. I have done it myself and after three (3) academic degrees I still ended back in my preferred post in administration. But that is another story for a different article or post. I have made the reference linked so you can go to it directly. I have no affiliation with the author:
– Abhishek Ghosh: Building a Successful Upskilling and Reskilling Program for your Organisation: … Here are some tips to help you. NOTE: this article as can be seen from the title is more for organisations.♦LR

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