The Last Librarian – book review

My read of this book started slowly, I could only do it in small doses but the more I read the more it felt as though it had been written about the current COVID-19 pandemic and its results because of the millions dead in the first months of the outbreak and it just seemed to increase by the day. However, once I got into the book and the life that came after the pandemic “the Banoff” it was even scarier, if that is possible than the pandemic itself.

With drones and all manner of AI keeping track of what you do, what you eat, even monitoring your conversations and tax or punish you if you are a few grams overweight! Yikes! The story about the last library in the world and its librarian being under threat was made even worse when the reasoning was that because the books were all available online there was no need for physical books. However, when an author friend of the last librarian tells him that the contents of books were being changed and gave an example of one particular book “The Hunger Games” we all know the movies of that series of three books and the post-Hanoff pandemic authorities had changed it into a book on nutrition!

With several more examples, the author, Nelson and the last librarian, Runit decided they had to work out which books to save but how? A difficult task at the best of times. With time not on their side they had to devise and implement a plan on how to move 900,000 books quickly and at the same time avoid all the AI surveillance.

An exciting thriller I would say that keeps you on the edge of your seat because you wanted the books to be saved and Nelson and Runit and their helpers to survive.

I highly recommend this book which I was honoured to receive gratis and happy to provide this review for Goodreads.♦LR

Author: raevon59

Scrapbooker, card maker and Creative Memories Advisor. My goal since 2020 and beyond is to make scrapbooks for other people. I would really like to spend more time filling albums with my scrapbook pages, writing books, making cards and helping others with their scrapbooking and card making. Want to know more? Send me a message.

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