Patterns for that special quilt.

Free Quilt Patterns from AccuQuilt, who can say no to that!

This is just a quick post to share with you the wonderful array of patterns from AccuQuilt.

Here is a selection from all the available free patterns and I did have a difficult time choosing which might be your favourite.

So many more beautiful patterns to choose from, all available on the above link to AccuQuilt‘s Free Patterns.

As I stated in a previous post, I am almost tempted but I already have more than one or two projects going, however, I would love to hear from you about your quilting projects. So please post your comments in the section below and include your name and an email address so that I may reply to you.♣︎LR

Author: raevon59

Scrapbooker, card maker and Creative Memories Advisor. My goal since 2020 and beyond is to make scrapbooks for other people. I would really like to spend more time filling albums with my scrapbook pages, writing books, making cards and helping others with their scrapbooking and card making. Want to know more? Send me a message.

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