Jennifer Strauser and AccuQuilt!

Register now for AccuQuilt’s May 10 Online Event (12-1 pm CDT)! We’ll do a die relaunch with expert Jennifer Strauser. Register now for a special discount promotion and chance to win prizes from Northcott Fabrics

Join AccuQuilt for a die relaunch that is bound put feathers in your quilting cap!

It’s time to take to the air and soar across the sky with the relaunch of a gliding die! Hosts Pam and Erica will be sharing new ideas using the die to help your quilts fly above the rest! GO! Getter Jennifer Strauser will be joining to show off inspiration that is sure to give your quilting aerial views! Take advantage of all the fun by tuning in!

May 10, 2022 – Relaunch!

The savings keep coming with AccuQuilt’s specials on “Memory Quilt Blocks” and many other items.

Buy One, Get One Free on Studio Dies (use code: STUDIOBOGO) :

AccuQuilt are prolific with their advertising and that is why I share so many, at least attempt to share so many posts of their products as well as their online events which they hold every Tuesday and sometime 2 or 3 others in the week.

The links in this post have been sent to me by AccuQuilt and I don’t think they are for my personal use only. So I am sharing them with you because I thought some might be useful for you. They are of course affiliate links which means that should you purchase from these links I may be rewarded with a small commission.

Because I have so many each week I try to make them simple and relevant to the items being advertised rather than try and tell you stories about all the different things you can make using quilting.

Until next time, thank you for visiting and reading and I hope you explore some of the links I have given you. Please let me know in the Comments if you would prefer more or less in my posts from AccuQuilt.♣︎LR

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