Online event – AccuQuilt!

Spring means that there should be more sunshine to enjoy, but on rainy days, why not stay in and start a new project? AccuQuilt’s Cutting Expert, Pam Heller, is going to share her tips and tricks to create an elegant project that you’ll want to leave on full display all year. This week’s tutorial and fun conversations shouldn’t be missed, so join Pam for this delightful project!

Join Pam Heller for an exciting tutorial!

If you would like to see what else they have planned AccuQuilt’s Events page has all the information on this weeks’ and upcoming events as well.

Some other designs and examples of the embroidery patterns available and here I thought quilting was just quilting! The following images show the variety of embroidery designs.

Designed by Diana Vogt and Anne Vane of V-Stitch Designs

This machine embroidery appliqué set is designed to be used with the AccuQuilt GO! Farm Animals Medley (55215).

13 designs in this set. 3 different farm animals are included. You get each animal by itself and then the 3 animals are stacked. All of the animals come with a blanket stitch, a satin stitch and a decorative motif applique edge, and fun embellishments.

Farm Animals Medley

The following gallery of designs are also by V-Stitch Designs.

As you can see these are just a few to choose from and it all depends on you and what you need for your next project.

If you have been on AccuQuilt’s website you will no doubt have seen some of these but if not why not explore the site as there is a world of designs, dies, machines and accessories.

This post as the one from yesterday contains links which should you purchase from them I may receive a small commission. Also, please let me know how detailed you would like these posts from AccuQuilt, more than I have here or less.

Thank you for visiting, reading and exploring. ♣︎LR

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