Foreo’s Wonder Woman Kit!

Hi folks,

I have been away for a few days because of family matters but I am now back and at least able to write the odd post here and there so today I have a post about FOREO’s Wonder Woman Kit and Foreo generally. Let’s get started!

Let your inner superhero shine through with this powerful self-care kit.

Self-confidence is the ultimate superpower. And Foreo’s Wonder Woman Kit is here to help you unleash it!

This set includes LUNA™ fofo for a silky-soft complexion, ISSA™ play for a dazzling smile, and UFO™ + 70 masks for a perfectly hydrated glow.

Armed with this powerful beauty arsenal, you’ll be ready to take on the world — every single day. 

Plus, right now, you can save 39% and get free shipping with code YOUROCK 

So go ahead and give your beauty routine a superpowered boost!

Don’t forget your free gifts with purchase:

And why not share the savings with your friends by getting them to subscribe, which will give them 10% off their first order.

FOREO also has a 15% Off Sitewide for New Customers so if you haven’t tried Foreo before why not take advantage and experience the quality and benefits of the products.

Just a little more information about FOREO from their website:

FOREO Sweden is connecting beauty, nature, and technology. They make self-care simple, easy, and enjoyable with effective, FDA-cleared products.

*WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. Our products are available in over 150 countries worldwide.

*TWO YEARS WARRANTY. Warranty length may differ by country. We guarantee at least a two years warranty worldwide, with full support of our Customer Care team.

*DISCOUNTS & FREE GIFTS. Will be applied to your cart if there are valid promotion action at the moment of purchase. Discounts & codes usually do not combine.

That’s it for this post. Go and explore the world of skincare at FOREO. Thank you for visiting and please share your comments about the post and feedback on your FOREO experience.♣️LR

Experience the beauty of innovation, and transform your complexion with FOREO's UFO Smart Mask Treatment. Shop Now For $279

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