Landing pages or level up your writing?

GetResponse has their HUGE Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sale before the campaign starts on November 22rd.  Customers can save up to 40% for life! Who wouldn’t want 40% saving for life?

Black Friday 2022 (en)

See how GetRepsonse can help you by exploring their website and catch a good deal while you can. I have included some videos for you to check out.

How to Level Up Your Writing & Make It Ludicrously Spectacular with Ann Handley | Webinar

Building Email Lists with Lead Magnets by Barry Feldman [Webinar]

GetResponse is great for Autoresponders, Landing pages, forms and reports and much much more as you will find when you explore their website. And, if you do it during their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale you can get 40% reduction for life! Now you can’t get better than that!

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Black Friday 2022 (en)

Still Looking for the right website?

Still looking for just the right template for your website? Have you checked out:

With 30+ themes to choose from whether you are looking for a simple blog or a spiritual website or anything in between there is a template to suit.  Flexible and customisable themes range from free to reasonably priced templates so you can get just the appearance you are looking for.  Responsive Free is worth checking out.

Responsive Free helps you with the layout, content, fonts, sizes and colours to have your site looking just the way you’d like it to.  All templates are customisable so you can get just the look you want for your website. I have included examples of a couple of their free sites.

However, if you are wanting a one page or landing pages check out Responsive Pro where you will find many more choices:

Then again you might want a Blog template:

As you can see they have a range of different templates: One Page, Blog themes, WooCommerce and Business. And if you still can’t find what you are looking for you can contact them to design a template just to your specifications. Definitely worth exploring.

I should advise that the links in this post are affiliate links so should you purchase from them I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.♦︎LR. (Edited 26 May 2022)


WordPress themes

That elusive theme for your website still eluding you? I might be able to help with that. The place to go for more read to use templates than you will need is Responsive Free. It is free download and gives you a chance to look around and see which template you would like to use. There are free templates and paid as well so you can choose the most appropriate for your business.

In my research for themes for websites and visiting other peoples’ websites I have found that some of the simplest or plainest can sometimes be the most pleasing to visit.

Yet there are other websites which have more swirly bits and bobs and they make you feel warm and cosy and simply welcome. So what does your website need to make visitors welcome? My websites are fairly plain because I don’t like too much clutter and feel that if I put to much “stuff” on the site then the point of the site – the article or piece I post – will be missed because visitors are looking at all the other things visible.

Yes I do have some links that might be of interest but I try not to make them too distracting from the posts I write but I try to make the posts relevant to them.

I have given you some examples in previous posts of the different types of templates available at Responsive Free so here are a some more to look at.

Now it’s your turn. Go and choose the template that is best fit for your business. Just a quick reminder that if you click and purchase from any links in this post I will receive a small consideration.

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