Still here and I’m back.

Hello, I’m back as promised.  Our internet is fixed and the fires are mostly controlled, though the weather is hotting up again so there may be more to come.

We have had some nice days over the last week or so but it doesn’t pay to be complacent.  Nature as a way of catching you unawares.  After a couple of days of rain the sky was cloudless this morning and we had a beautiful sunny day.

As promised I will share the last day – day 6 of my week of cards, I had shown you one of the three cards already so I won’t include that but here are the other two.

Enjoy!  Until next time, when I will share some scrapbooking projects I’ve been working on.


An inauspicious start! Card of the Day – Day 5

Hi folks,

I started this post about an hour ago and while trying to upload a couple of photos I took today, I’ll get to that, the internet decided to go down, great just when you are in the middle of writing a post and you want it done….. and it will be another hour before its done.

Anyway, I was going to continue sharing the cards I shared  with the Michael Strong Stamps group a couple of weeks ago but first I wanted to show you our “delightful” smog.  You have no doubt heard about all the bushfires in Australia these past months.  I haven’t seen anything like it since we stopped using coal for heating in winter.  Although, I think Sydney had and still has the worst of it, we have until now been lucky in our part of the country, not had too many in our region but over the last week or so they have been increasing, I am hopeful we will be safe.

The two photos I am sharing, one was taken 7:23am this morning and the second at 5:35pm.  Unfortunately the morning one is through a window with a fly-screen but doesn’t affect the colour or lack there of.  Not a lot of difference but this afternoon’s was redder than this morning, yet the photos on my phone show orangey in colour of the afternoon photo but comes up pinkish here(?) but then again it could my poor computer.  The graphics are getting tired:)

December 30, 2019 – 7.23am
December 30, 2019 – 5.35pm











With that out of the way, I can now share the card for Day 5 of Michael Strong Stamps group’s week of cards.  This one is using patterned paper with Michael’s dragonfly stamp:

I know some of my work is a bit quirky but that makes it fun.

Today’s card is quite easy to make especially if your patterned paper is as good as this, you just need a couple of dragonflies and you’re done.

I have to admit this is one of my favourites.

COD Day 5 – Dec.2019






Usually a week of cards is really only 5 days but this time I did an extra day and shared 3, one I have already shown you, in an earlier post and I called it Card 6.3.  I will share the other two next time, hopefully tomorrow.  In the meantime, stay safe everyone and thanks for reading.

Continuing my card of the day posts.

Hi folks,

I’m back with days 3 and 4 of my Card Captain week for the Michael Strong Stamps group.

Card of the Day – Day 3:

Here is one I made in 2017 for a challenge on Splitcoaststampers.  Just a bit of fun and color.

Today my partner and I enjoyed a lovely Christmas lunch with my CWA Branch, a jolly time had by all.  Even the weather was more bearable cooler than we’ve had in recent weeks.  It will hot up again soon enough.  Anyway, hope it gives you some cheer.

Until tomorrow.

Card of the Day – Day 4:
Thank you to all who sent me comments, I’m glad you’re enjoying the cards.
Today’s card was made in January 2015.  It has a contradictory theme, with Easter eggs but the Sentiment says different.
Dots are made with the mini round distressing sponges and inks:  ink sponge then just ‘stamp’ onto your paper, I also get the rest of the ink from the sponge after distressing around the edges, to make sure the sponge doesn’t have any ink left in it.  How dark the “stamp” is, depends on the pressure you put on it as well as how much ink is in the sponge.
Then just add whatever you want to the card.  I have also done this with stamps before cleaning them to make sure all the ink is off.  You can use as background.
Enjoy!  Until tomorrow. 
That’s it for now.  I’ll be back with days 5 and 6 tomorrow.  Cheers for now.
PS. Sorry about the inconsistency of the spacing – unfortunately I cannot find how to rectify the line spacing to be the same on both posts.  Perhaps someone out there can advise?  Thanks.


Card Captain for the Michael Strong Stamps group

Hello, as promised I am sharing the first couple of cards I shared with the Michael Strong Stamps Group a couple of weeks ago.

Because I’m a little out of practice I thought I would look through my collection of cards I made over the years.  I decided to go down memory lane and see how my technique improved (or not).
Card of the day – Day 1 – card made in 2012
So, this week I will be ‘reminiscing’ about cards made and how they have changed. Hopefully by the latter part of the week I will have a technique for you and caught up to 2019!
My card for today is showing my first Michael Strong stamp – the frame – for a long time I would use bits of the frame because it and the heart stamp, which I received as a gift, were all I had of Michael’s.  I was also still learning how to use stamps and what papers to use them on, etc.  Enjoy.


Card of the day – Day 2

Card of the day – Day 2

Today’s card was made in 2016, not sure if there was any specific aim just making cards. Layering and just trying different textures and embossing.  I think I stamped the mandala under the Michael’s hexagon or it was patterned paper.  I can’t remember now.

Enjoy!  Until tomorrow.

See you soon.  Thanks for reading.

Card Captain Day 4 – Technique Day

Hello there,

I’m back with Day 4 of being Card Captain.  Sorry it’s a little later than intended, however, as you know life tends to spoil plans when you least expect it.

Thursday’s card is a digital compilation of a couple of photos, one a landscape orientation and the other portrait orientation.  Both of sunsets in Cooma and I think even in different years but both around June, which is winter for us.

I simply could not resist the colours, so when I was “rummaging” in my computer files to find a technique and found these, I thought doing a digital card with these photos would be a great idea.  But how to overcome the fact they are different orientation.  Then I remembered that I also had to include a Michael Strong Stamp so it could not be completely digital, and of course a flower was the perfect choice because it would cover the “empty” space between the photos.

Step by step (as best as I can):

    1. Pick two photos that complement each other – one landscape and one portrait orientation
    2. Open your application – in my case Microsoft Publisher – copy and paste the photos, you will need to resize as you go depending on the sizes of your photos and where you wish to use the finished image, and place them beside each other, and yes, you will be making one image out of the two photos.
    3. To work with the images as one you will want to join them as I did, once you have the arrangement you want them in and making sure you have the correct size you want for your card (when you have the 2 photos together) you need to group them.
    4. Just click on one, and holding the shift key down, click each of the others in turn, once highlighted, right click on one of the images which will give you a drop down menu and click “Group”, now that you have them grouped you can copy and paste as many times as you like – I have attached a copy of the sketch to give you a better idea.  The original sketch  was too pale to see properly, so I went back and tried to draw the outlines to make it more visible.
    5. One tip here: when you group the images you need to “ungroup” by doing step 4 – only this time you highlight the one image and right click to “Ungroup”.  Just be careful, sometimes the individual images may move and you might need to re-adjust them and to do that you will need to “Ungroup” them.  But once done you don’t have the same painstaking job again.  Especially if you have saved in a workable file.
    6. For a card you will only need one “grouped” image but for a scrapbook page you might like to simply enlarge the one image, you need to be careful how large because the one image could be “fuzzy” so you might need to paste 4 for a 12″x12″ size scrapbook page.
    7. Once you have the image you want simply print and trim to the size of your card, add an embellishment such as a flower, add a sentiment and ta dah! Your card is made and ready to use.
Technique – Thursday 10 May 2018
Good Vibes!
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