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Best books of 2022 so far!

The Book Depository has compiled a list for you of the best books for 2022 so far!

From memoirs to mysteries, bestsellers to little-known gems, they hand-picked for you a list of the best books of 2022 so far.

Their favourite books of the year until now run the gamut of genres. Check out their list, they have something for everyone.

Here’s a small sample.

Whether you are gifted with the ability to keep your home clean and organised, or need a little assistance, Book Depository has you covered with their selection of books to help you keep your home tidy.

Books that are packed with useful tips to create, in no time, a cosy home both you and your family can enjoy. 

Let these talented authors guide you on your journey to the home of your dreams.

Sampling of keeping your home tidy to cleaning and storage:

What about Finance? What about it you ask, well if you are intrigued by and need to know more about the ins and outs of finance The Book Depository can help you out with those too, some you may even have already but I’m sure there are some new ones you haven’t seen yet.

Whether you want to retire earlyinvest in the stock marketbuy an asset or pay off a debt, The Book Depository have put together a list of books for every stage of life.

These books will provide you tips to help you make smart decisions with your money and see your finances from a different point of view.

The Book Depository can even give you the “Rules of Everything” check out the books on their list.

Discover The Rules series by Richard Templar in The Book Depository’s latest blog post. They provide details on all of these game-changer books. You’ll feel the benefits, and so will everyone around you.

You don’t know where to start? Begin your journey with The Rules of Everything, a compilation of the best common-sense reminders.

And of course there are audio books as well as ebooks so you have all formats at The Book Depository so go check them all out and see what deals you can get.

If you need something to keep the kids occupied on a long car journey or simply want to enjoy the special pleasure of being read to, look no further!

While cooking, walking or driving, The Book Depository has something for everyone in their collection of CD audiobooks.

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Readathon – September 12th to 25th!

Get ready for the Readathon by using your 10% discount and free worldwide delivery.

Book Depository are so excited to announce their Readathon will return from 12th to 25th September.

They have prepared a list of interesting challenges for you to complete during the two weeks-long reading marathon.

Get your books early to be first at the starting line!

Book Depository are offering a 10% discount voucher until 7th August, on any of the selected books featured on our Readathon page. Simply enter the code READATHON10 in the coupon box at checkout to get your 10% discount (Terms & Conditions Apply).

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The Last Librarian – book review

My read of this book started slowly, I could only do it in small doses but the more I read the more it felt as though it had been written about the current COVID-19 pandemic and its results because of the millions dead in the first months of the outbreak and it just seemed to increase by the day. However, once I got into the book and the life that came after the pandemic “the Banoff” it was even scarier, if that is possible than the pandemic itself.

With drones and all manner of AI keeping track of what you do, what you eat, even monitoring your conversations and tax or punish you if you are a few grams overweight! Yikes! The story about the last library in the world and its librarian being under threat was made even worse when the reasoning was that because the books were all available online there was no need for physical books. However, when an author friend of the last librarian tells him that the contents of books were being changed and gave an example of one particular book “The Hunger Games” we all know the movies of that series of three books and the post-Hanoff pandemic authorities had changed it into a book on nutrition!

With several more examples, the author, Nelson and the last librarian, Runit decided they had to work out which books to save but how? A difficult task at the best of times. With time not on their side they had to devise and implement a plan on how to move 900,000 books quickly and at the same time avoid all the AI surveillance.

An exciting thriller I would say that keeps you on the edge of your seat because you wanted the books to be saved and Nelson and Runit and their helpers to survive.

I highly recommend this book which I was honoured to receive gratis and happy to provide this review for Goodreads.♦LR

Book Review – A Collection

Heart of Smoke: The Complete Collection by Megan O’Russell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I would first like to thank the author and publishers for gifting me a copy of the Collection to read and provide a review. I found it difficult reading initially because I found myself uncomfortable with some of the content a little way into the first book. Having taken a break for a day or so, I picked up where I left off and I then, of course, could not put the books down until I had finished the Collection. I say books because having the Collection you simply go from Book 1 straight to Book 2 and so on.

It doesn’t take much to imagine the conditions of a city left to rot and die with no clean water and contaminated food sources, and its inhabitants a mix of the worst of humankind all fighting to survive at the expense of others and vampires lurking in shadows making the streets danger zones, the sun when it is clear of ash from the fires is so hot it would burn through anything that has not been “sun-proofed”.

In all this Lanni and her sister try to survive, Lanni working in a factory (for an honest but meagre living), stealing and selling goods to unscrupulous traders and just managing to stay out of trouble and her young sister together with other children works in another part of the factory where schooling is given on overhead screens while the children work.

The description of the city and the conditions is graphic and at times explicit enough to not leave too much to your imagination.

When Lanni is kidnapped and finally meets her sister at the “meeting place” the girls are told that arrangements had been made for them to be taken to one of the Domes to begin a new and safe life. When that new life is also threatened Lanni fears for her sister’s future and takes matters into her own hands with the aid of some similar-minded friends.

The Collection makes for compelling reading despite my initial reaction to the content which was of course relevant to the condition of the city’s identity. I found the Collection well researched and the books flowed well together with each following on from the one before.

Highly recommend the Collection as it is better read in order even if purchased separately.

Thank you again for the opportunity to read this Collection and provide a review.

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