Boxing Day post!

So what is Boxing Day all about?  Hi, I hope you had or having a wonderful Christmas Day and enjoying time with your families.   Australia is now on to Boxing day.  Because there was only the two of us, my partner and I went on a ‘picnic’, yes, even with all that smog which has filtered through to us from all the bushfires.  It was nothing fancy and even though we didn’t stay out long it was it was nice to get out of the house and had Christmas pudding with custard when we got back home!

Well, that’s another Christmas down.  Back to Boxing Day – no, contrary to what some might think it has nothing to do with the “sport” of boxing.  You can check with “Mr/s Google”  and you will find there are a variety of  supposed explanations.   I like to believe that it was the day servants were given presents and the day off by their masters so that they could go and spend time with their families and the poor were given gifts “boxes” from the rich.

It is also a day to catch up with family members and friends who could not be there for  Christmas lunch/dinner on the day.  Here is a link that might give you clearer explanations

I will now leave you with a card I made some time ago and it was also one of three cards I shared with the Michael Strong Stamps Group on Day 6 during One card a day week before Christmas.  I had intended to share those cards with you earlier in this week but with selling raffle tickets and battling shoppers just for a few essentials I didn’t quite make it.  However, I will share the cards with you between now and New Year, besides you are way to busy to be reading my blog, but wonderful if you do.  Thank you!   Until next time…

Happy Holidays!

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