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I don’t think I have shared any Creative Memories here.  Other crafty ideas have been shared but as a Creative Memories Advisor, it is, therefore, appropriate that I should pass on some information about National Scrapbook Day (NSD) 2022.  Only a couple of months away and Advisors are already planning their events to make sure you have every opportunity to participate.  I have been a Creative Memories Advisor for some years and I have held NSD previously but unfortunately last year my message went out too late and I didn’t hold the event.

So what is NSD all about, don’t we scrapbook all through the year?  Yes, we do.  However, National Scrapbook Day is when scrapbookers get together and they use specific themed papers and a guided layout to work on.  I say “guided” because the sizes and patterns are provided when you purchase the NSD bundle through your Creative Memories Advisor.  Some participants prefer to make their own designs but still use the theme to work with.

If you don’t scrapbook, this is the time to start preserving and sharing your memories by adding your photos to some scrapbook pages.  I know scrapbooks were around many, many years ago and usually consisted of articles torn from newspapers, magazines or the odd photo with some words to say where or what it was about.  You could, I suppose, say that we have simply “dressed up” the way we save the photographs we have of the memories we want to treasure.

My scrapbook pages show the photos from my travels overseas, outings with family members and friends or simply landscapes I have enjoyed visiting or being part of.  There are also my memories that have not been preserved by photographs which I can add to my pages but which are better preserved in written journals.  Then again, I can make up “journals” of the brochures I have collected on my travels which cannot be “scrapbooked” but can be inserted into pockets or folded in a way that you can pull open and read the contents.

So effectively, scrapbooking is all of these different ways of keeping your memories alive and accessible to your family and whomever you wish to share them with, in whatever format it takes.

Here is an image of the information about the original National Scrapbook Day event.  In 2022 it is May 7th:

History relevant to Scrapbooking
Some would have us think that scrapbooking originated in England in the 15th Century.  Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) became known for his notebooks as well as for his painting.  His notes and drawings covered a range of subjects: anatomy, astronomy, botany, cartography, painting among other things.  In his later life “… Leonardo recorded his earliest memory, now in the Codex Atlanticus.” Was Leonardo the first scrapbooker, he kept his notes and drawings which are to this day often referred to?  What do you think, did scrapbooking originate in England or Italy or somewhere else? Information here about Leonardo da Vinci is from Wikipedia.

To finish off here is a brief look at the March 2022 new products.   Thank you for reading.  Please leave your comments below.  Until next time.


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Cheers for now.

NSD and CM new products

Wrap up on National Scrapbook Day and sharing some Creative Memories new products.

Hi folks, last month I told you about National Scrapbook day and gave you the links to all the goodies.  There are again a lot of new products not least a “horse” punch released in April – when my friend heard about it she couldn’t get her order in quick enough.  That’s not all, we also have a “Wine Chain” border maker punch also released in April, you will need to go to my website to check out all the other goodies under the “What’s New” tab.

For May,  we have some “out of this world” papers, stickers and embellishments which are available from here, where you will also find a lot of other must have’s.  My website is also where you can find the opportunity to join as a member of my team and get some great products for free, take a look .

Well, my National Scrapbook Days have come and gone.  Unfortunately, as there were no “takers” the virtual scrapbooking did not happen but I am considering some short videos on card making and scrapbooking to be shared on my Facebook page @scrappingrae.

Until next time, enjoy my National Scrapbook pages.



Page 4 for National Scrapbook crop

Another chaotic year!

Raevon59’s National Scrapbook Day 22-23 May 2021 – come and join us.

I thought last year was chaotic with all the pandemic lockdowns, restrictions and general COVID-19 chaos. Well, this year is no different, COVID-19 is still very much in prominence – will we get a vaccine or won’t we, will the vaccine be safe or not; what went wrong with the AstraZenica vaccine with blood clots etc and the confusion about the deaths after getting the jab.  Well, it will eventually all get worked out but in the meantime you have to live your own life and with your own medical issues life can get very hectic. Which is exactly what’s been happening with us.  Me in particular, just as I get started into a project and worked out what direction I will take with a project I am required elsewhere, so it gets left for another day which then ends up being months.  I’m sure there are some of you out there who can relate.

Anyway, this time I have managed to get some of my Instagram and Twitter posts done for the upcoming National Scrapbook Day (NSD) so I am passing  that information to you.   My plan is to hold Virtual NSD over a couple of days 22nd and 23rd May 2021.  Costs etc are yet to be worked out.  RSVP is Friday, 30 April 2021 (Australian time) so that orders placed can be received in time.  Local people can order through me or those further afield can go direct to my website and order there and have the products delivered to their door.

The Virtual NSD may not take as long as it would face-to-face but it will depend on the number of people wanting to participate.  The details are still being nutted out, so watch this space.  Check out my website for all the goodies for the National Scrapbook Day as well as other scrapbooking items.  Thanks for looking and don’t forget to come back and check the NSD details.

NSD Invite 2020

What I’ve completed or made.

Hi folks,

Things have been quite topsy-turvy these last couple of months but to stay calm in the heat, smoke-filled air and theatening fires, I have been catching up on scrapbooking and cardmaking.  Cards are yet to be mailed to those for whom they are intended because I can’t be out in the smoke-filled air for too long.  Apologies for that.

I have completed or rather finished filling one 12″x 12″ album which last count meant that I have done 18 pages, I completed a smaller 21 cm x 15cm album with 8 pages, and made up an album cover to fit some 7″ x 7″ pages from the original Creative Memories I had without album covers.

Tidied up all the mess and then started all over again pasting notes I had collected over the past year into specific notebooks – not exactly a small task either.

Anyway, just thought I’d drop by and let you know I’m still here and safe from fires thankfully, and also from the hail storm that has hit my friends in Canberra, some 100kms away.  We did have some hail which blanketed our backyard but it was not as bad and the hailstones were not as big as those that hit Canberra and Sydney.

Hot weather is again on the way and with it the threat of more fires, let’s pray that doesn’t happen.

With the smoke and heat I have mostly concerned myself with getting back into refreshing my scrapbooking and cardmaking knowledge before I push to get my business going.  So I’ve been working up examples of the types of albums I would offer ranging from the small journal type 120mm x 170mm to the normal 12″x 12″ (30x30cm) album.  I have attached some photos of the 21cm x 15cm and 7″ x 7″ albums and I have previously shown some of my 12″ x 12″ pages but I am also including a couple made as part of the 18 pages I made recently.  So, that is all for now.


Over the years!

Uncle and his house and garden!

Handmade album cover

The following photo is of one that I had shown previously but is one that I finished another 8 pages of photos.

Please make comments below or on Facebook – Crafty Things or Twitter.  Your feedback is important and appreciated! Thanks again for reading and following me.  Enjoy!


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