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Software is something we all need to be able to do our online/internet marketing*.  These days computers come with software loaded already but more often than not we do not get the disk or program with the computer to reinstall if our computer crashes. So what do we do if our computer crashes or the software is out of date, or no longer updateable?  We may have the discs to reinstall but we put them away in a safe place, do we remember where that safe place was/is?  Even the most organised computer person will occasionally misplace something and if it is a software program you need then that’s a problem.

If the computer has crashed and you don’t have a reboot or reinstall CD – oops, it’s off to the store to repurchase the software, but the store no longer carries that version or that software, can you purchase online?  Yes, you can but you need to know who or which supplier to trust.  So why not just go to the place most people trust – Amazon and possibly get free delivery on your purchase and receive it within days not weeks.

When I needed a stand and camera to make my craft videos, I researched my alternatives – do I buy a special camera and how to I get it to link in with my computer and how do I make it stand above my desk to show what I’m doing as well as recording my verbal instructions.  Like anyone else I researched video cameras and came across the suggestion that you could use your iPhone as the camera by using one of two software packs.  Okay.  Next the search went on which would be the best and as they were freeware, I tested out which was more compatible with my computer and downloaded the software. But then I still needed to have a stand so my iPhone could be above the working surface and the best place I found that was on Amazon.

But it’s not just for documents, spreadsheets, presentation etc you need, you need to protect your data and your computer as well so you need security software  and of course you can get that too through Amazon.

While we’re looking at software, what about other computer accessories? Printers and cables, memory sticks and a variety of other things.

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