Craft deals from CraftStash!

I know most crafters are always looking for deals and CraftStash has just sent me some great deals to share with you:
Text(ures) brand geometric collection

These give you a little more time to decide:
If you are into making cards and other paper projects or you have family members or friends who do, these would make ideal gifts.

And just launched, Lou Collins has created a beautiful set of coordinating papers, stamps, dies and stencils all with a strong geometric theme, an extremely popular trend in cardmaking and crafting for 2022.  You can find some great launch offers including a huge discount of £15 on Lou’s Papercraft Society box when you spend over £15 on her new collection!
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The right theme…

Hi there, are you still working on your website and just can’t find the right theme?  I may have just what you are looking for a choice of 30+ themes to choose from ranging from the simple blog to the spiritual and anything in between.  Flexible and customisable these themes range include free and reasonably priced templates so you can get just the appearance you are looking for.  Check them out now before you do anything else.


Yes, this is an affiliate link and I may receive a small commission if you should click and purchase, however, be assured there is no extra cost to you.

I haven’t found a better place to get the template I want, I have tried various ones but nothing compares. 

Responsive Free can guide you with the layout, content, fonts, sizes and colours to have your site looking just the way you’d like it to.  A couple of examples of templates:

Grow your business with affiliates

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ShareASale has a great affiliate program that you can utilise to have your business promoted and yet not have the huge expensive advertising costs.

No matter what your business you need to advertise, what better way than using affiliates to do some of the work for you.

Give it a go and see how it can help you.  Thanks for visiting and reading this short post.  Please leave comments including your name and email address so that I can better tailor posts that you are interested in.

Don’t have Easter gifts yet?

Time is running out and you don’t want to show up empty-handed on Easter morning.

But Up-to-the-minute Amazing Gifts for Any Occasion at LatestBuy  have got you covered! Their selection of Easter gifts are perfect for any budget. From baskets filled with delicious treats, to beautiful hand-crafted jewelry, they have something for everyone. Plus, their gift wrapping is sure to impress.

Find A Gift That Fits This Easter Feast

What about some water colours for your next art project? Have a look at the Pentel Arts.

Just a couple of examples of items you could purchase at:

Up-to-the-minute Amazing Gifts for Any Occasions at LatestBuy
What more can I say? Go to it before you run out of time.

Happy Easter, have fun and stay safe!




Interested in online business?

This post includes affiliate links, which if you click and decide to purchase something, may pay me a commission.  This does not cost you extra.  The links are provided to products or services that I either use or would happily use.

A coulple of affiliate programs that you might like to investiage for yourself, one gives you training in crypto and is unique in providing you a passive income – Zeus’ Bounty.  Quite an unique concept and one I am currently exploring so come and join me in my exploration journey.


Another program that I have found to be easy to use and the training is really step by step is Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) has enabled me to build my website step by step and to get my online business up and running with help to write articles and advertisements, and if you need help you have a community of helpers!  What could be better?  The WA Community has help me with my editing and other aspects which help the layout and appearance of my website.

That’s what we do at Wealthy Affiliate.

That’s all for this post.

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