Craft deals from CraftStash!

I know most crafters are always looking for deals and CraftStash has just sent me some great deals to share with you:
Text(ures) brand geometric collection

These give you a little more time to decide:
If you are into making cards and other paper projects or you have family members or friends who do, these would make ideal gifts.

And just launched, Lou Collins has created a beautiful set of coordinating papers, stamps, dies and stencils all with a strong geometric theme, an extremely popular trend in cardmaking and crafting for 2022.  You can find some great launch offers including a huge discount of £15 on Lou’s Papercraft Society box when you spend over £15 on her new collection!
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Ideas and layouts – scrapbooking suggestions.

You have decided to start a scrapbook to create a visual and physical way to preserve your memory of a special event but not sure how to go about it. There are several styles of scrapbook you can use depending on how formal you want your scrapbook to be.  In this article I will show some examples of the different ways you can scrapbook your memories.

A Scrapbook – what is it?

A book or album of photographs, memorabilia, or written text explaining some memories, also called ‘journaling’ or diary entry. Journaling can be a few words beside or under a photograph, or around an item of memorabilia, usually providing a date, place and time of the event but a diary is mainly a written (hand written or typed) book of your activities or memories of daily events.

When I was growing up a scrapbook was exactly that a collection of items of interest cut from newspapers, usually called newspaper clippings or magazines or even handwritten where print material not available or to add information to the newspaper cuttings.

Norfolk Island – 1990

Junk Journal scrapbook

Now here’s a different approach again.  What do I mean by Junk Journal Scrapbook? It is utilising the covers of a sturdy book that you no longer want but the cover is suitably sturdy to use as a cover for an album.  An example is at the end of this post.

Display Book scrapbook

Display book scrapbooks are a useful for larger item you want to preserve, such as brochures of special places, menues, information about places or buildings.  For example I have a booklet about York Minster from one of my travels but it is too thick to include in a conventional album and too large for a Junk Journal scrapbook I had to think of someway of keeping it safe.  I had some display books so I tried that and it fitted perfectly so the Display Book Scrapbook happened.


I have given you a very brief look at scrapbooks, the different styles and appearance and these are only a few, I have several more different shaped ones, different sized ones but really it is dependent on what you want to put into the scrapbook that will decide which format you use.  There is no wrong or right when it comes to scrapbooking, if you want to use a simple note book and paste things into that, that’s okay, after all it is your scrapbook.

I hope this was helpful. Please leave your comments and feedback. Until next time.
by Scrappinrae


Cards and Manilla Folder albums

Hi folks,

In this chaotic world of COVID-19 we all need some way of distracting ourselves from enforced restrictions in movement and communication.  Working from home in a world that has only toyed with the idea of working from home takes some time to set up unless you already have a study or spare room where you house a computer for anyone to use sometimes.

It has been difficult to actually complete this post because there are so many things I broached while drafting it but in the end I decided to simply write about what I have been doing because I don’t like talking politics and its ins and outs.  I had thought of making comments about the way COVID-19 is affecting people, their lives and business globally, but it sounded like someone on a soap box so to avoid that I will stick to what I can be on my soapbox about and that is my work – my cardmaking and scrapbooking work that is.

With all the upheaval and uncertainty as to what may or may not come next, I have spent my time making cards, although I have done some scrapbooking as well.  I did participate in the Virtual (worldwide) Crop hosted by Creative Memories 21-22 March 2020.  They are now setting up weekly Virtual Card crops which should be interesting.

The cards I have been making this past week were for Splitcoaststampers challenges and I share some of them here.  I have found that using these virtual crops and challenges keeps my creativity going as well as keeping my brain working and also helps take away some of the angst about what’s happening.  During the fires of December and January I was quite ‘rusty’ and it took me all day to make one card or only part of a scrapbook page but once I started the challenges and participated in the virtual crop I found I was improving and made two sometimes three cards in a day, and not all for challenges.

So the point of my post today – in this age of restrictions you just need to keep going – do what you feel happy and comfortable doing whether it is reading, exercising (?), walking – you can walk around your garden – oops what if you don’t have a garden, good point.  Anyway, there are plenty of suggestions out there in the cyber world too, and you can expand your hobbies or if you don’t have one, now is the perfect time to get one, or two or more going.  That is how I got started on altered books or junk journaling.

For example, a couple of years ago, I had not taken any crafting tools or stock to make cards on holiday.  I had my laptop and some colour pencils and some adult colouring pads – which were the fad at the time.  One day I came across what they called altered books or junk journals and I searched and watched video after video to find out how to make/do them.  I could hardly wait to get home where I had some books that I thought would be ideal – I had inherited them, I was probably never going to read them, the perfect candidates!  On our return home, I got stuck into the preparation of several, and one of those I have used and it is full, but I cannot find the others, so I go searching in our home library – nothing else I can call it – to find others that I can re-purpose.  In my recent search for the information or instructions I came across envelope albums (that’s another story for another day), so I read through the article on envelope albums and thought that’s too small, I need an album that will take larger items such as maps or brochures from my travels.  I just happened to pull out a couple of manilla folders from a container I was sorting through and – well the rest is in the album I made with them! Yes, I used manilla folders to house some of my larger souvenir brochures and maps.  I cut them to approximately A4 size, the folders were A4 but if you know anything about the size of folders they are usually slightly larger than the papers that you would use them for, so, to make them more manageable for brochures I trimmed to what I needed.

One of the junk journal/altered books makers I like because she explains each step well is Lorrie Marie Jenkins.  Her manner is easy going and yet so inspiring that I couldn’t wait to start ripping books apart – I am a librarian by the way.  But this type of ripping is creative and what Lorrie Marie does with them is amazing.  My creativity with that is still evolving so use her tips to get you started.

Well, I think I have babbled on long enough so here are the photos, I will include the one of my ‘junk journal’ I showed last time but more on that another time.  For now cheerio.

“Calm” from Splitcoaststampers Sketches Challenge SC791

Splitcoaststampers Sketch Challenge SC794

A combination of 2 Splitcoaststampers Challenges

Challenge using a lion or lamb – I only had a tiger stamp.

Couple of pages from Manilla Folder album

Two more pages from Manilla Folder Album





Altered book or junk journal normal book size.


Fire, rain, flood now deadly virus!

Hi folks,

Yes, we’ve had a rough start to the year but survived and it seems it’s not going to get easier.  I have made several attempts to sit down and continue with the posts over the fire, then the heavy rain and hail storms and floods, we were lucky this time we didn’t get floods like we did in 2010.  As always life seems to throw curve balls (not just golf ball sized hail stones)!

With the rain came a rebound strength of growth in our garden, the brown non-existant grass you can see in one of the photographs with the parrot grazing, turned into green grass that needed moving and trees that had died because of drought and/or the extreme heat needed help, we had our work for the next few weeks.  We still have much to do but for the moment things have settled down – at least in the garden.  Over the last few weeks I have been too tired to think let-alone write a meaningful blog post.

So that’s why I haven’t been here.  I did, however, manage to get some cards made and also made up some scrapbook albums, filled some pages, made up or rather filled a ‘junk journal’ with some travel momentos.  I also made up albums for a variety of reasons, one being a manilla folder album for larger travel booklets etc. these I will deal with in a separate post.

Then of course there is COVID-19 well, I won’t go into that, we’ve all heard so much it is almost ho-hum but stay healthy and safe out there.

So for now I will leave you with some photos of cards and albums made and parrots grazing on the dry brown grass.

Please feel free to make comments on my posts, that way I know someone has at least seen them.  Until next time.  Cheers and thank you for reading.

Made for a swap using string tie to close instead of Velcro dot.

Inside of the previous card, coloured with water colour pencils.

This was also made for a swap “faux star”(?).

Junk journal or altered book, filled with travel memories – places I went, stayed, or toured. Mostly pamphlets, tickets and information booklets.

This album I made up as 12″ x 12″ just using thick patterned paper for the cover and the pages, with items from the Country Women’s Association branch I belong to. More on other albums and altered books/junk journals I made up in a separate post later.







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