Still time – live event Friday!

Hi there, there is still time to register for Friday’s AccuQuilt live event – Part 3 of 3, the final of the Sew Along Series: GO! Row House Runner. So REGISTER NOW and join the fun and giveaways as well as an opportunity to pick up tips and tricks from AccuQuilt Experts.

Friday, October 28
12 p.m. – 1 p.m. CT

Learn how to wrap up this runner with binding, borders and customization options in part 3 of 3!

It’s time to finish the GO! Row House Runner! Hosts Pam and Erica will be completing the runner and discussing several options for borders, binding and quilting. Tune in for ideas to personalize and customize the finishing touches of this quilt! Register now for a chance to win a door prize!

Register now to be included in the giveaways, special deals, useful tips, a free pattern and tons of project inspiration!

Why AccuQuilt’s Fabric Cutters are the best investment for your sewing room!

With new patterns every week – you can choose from thousands of free downloads!

You also have access to tips, tricks and free tutorials to help you along your quilting journey even if you are just starting out. You can get help and inspiration from AccuQuilt’s extensive range of videos.

Whether you are looking for a new hobby or just thinking of making your own quilts, or quilting projects, grab a cuppa and explore the possibilities with AccuQuilt’s cutters, dies, patterns and other accessories. Watch their tutorials that can help you with any project you wish to undertake and they have experts to answer your questions.

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New die – new tutorial!

With new dies come new tutorials from AccuQuilt experts. So book in for Wednesday’s tutorial “Cozy Up Your Home with Something NEW“.

Wednesday, October 26
12 p.m. – 1 p.m. CT

Follow along to create a beginner-friendly project with the new GO! die in this week’s tutorial.

A cozy home is a happy home! AccuQuilt Cutting Expert Pam Heller will share her tutorial and tips to create a fun project for quilters of any skill level. Join Pam and discover how this exciting new GO! Die can help prepare you for colder weather!

Register now for a chance to win a giveaway prize during the show!

While you are registering for Wednesday’s tutorial check out the BLACK FRIDAY sales to see what great deals you can find.

There you have a reminder about an AccuQuilt online event and their BLACK FRIDAY sales. The best way to find out if the item you want is on sale, is to go and check the sales page for more information.

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Last minute reminder – two online events!

Tuesday, August 30, 2022 at 12 noon to 1 pm CT

Join Pam and Erica share ideas and tips on how to make a temperature quilt for yourself!

Discover how you can create a temperature quilt with an inspirational trunk show! Hosts Pam and Erica will be sharing ideas and tips to showcase this color-filled quilting trend. Plus, special guests Darcy Quilts and Ann Petersen are going to explore their temperature quilting process and offer their own quilting tricks. Mark your calendar now for this captivating event!

Register now for a chance to win fun door prizes!

AND Wednesday, August 31, 2022 at 12 noon to 1 pm CT:

Discover how AccuQuilt makes it easy to sew curves in this beginner-friendly tutorial.

Let’s get curvy with AccuQuilt Creativity Expert Erica Bottger who will be sharing tips and tricks for creating a cute project.

Join Erica in this week’s inspirational tutorial to see how easy sewing curves is with the AccuQuilt system. This tutorial is one you don’t want to miss!

Register below for a chance to win one of our giveaways!

There you have both events for the week.

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Accuquilt Dynamic Promo

Finding the perfect colour palette!

Discover how to capture a vacation picture’s color palette with this week’s inspirational tutorial! 

Watch AccuQuilt‘s online live event on Wednesday, 24 August 2022 at 12 noon to 1 pm CDT as AccuQuilt Cutting Expert Pam Heller shares her innovative tips and tricks to make your next project even more special. Mark your calendar now for this fun event!

Register now to win and exciting door prize!

Also, while you’re there why not check out the New Pattern and Embroidery arrivals:

And of course, don’t forget FREE SHIPPING for a limited time!

I hope you have fun with these designs and dies because I get totally confused, although I love looking at them, as I said in previous posts I always admire looking at quilts and I have looked at quilt squares in fabric stores but was not enthused enough to start up. Although I have done sewing in my earlier years, having sewn dresses etc as well as theatre costumes.

During the fires here in 2019-2020 (Australia) I had the sewing machine serviced and wanted to sew a couple of skirts, blouses and even perhaps a dress but got nowhere, I did, however, sew one reusable mask during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, I suppose that is an achievement in itself.

I leave you with that short anecdote of my sewing prowess and hope you enjoy(ed) exploring AccuQuilt’s beautiful and helpful products. As always I must let you know that all links are affiliate links which means that if you purchase through those links I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. That allows me to keep my website up and live so that I can share a variety of tips, tricks and reviews with you.

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More AccuQuilt dies to help you!

The dies to help your quilting projects keep coming from AccuQuilt. Have a look through all the animal dies and get 2X Rewards Points online for two days only!

Have a scroll through all the cute animal dies which would be great for childrens quilts and wall hangings even cushions, pillows or throws even table runners.

Why not get the GO! Dinosaur Medley Limited Edition Die for the young dinosaur fans and “have a roaring good time making projects with these popular dino shapes. This is a limited edition die, so grab one before they’re extinct!”

You might prefer the GO! Leaping Frog die for those fun projects for children and “leap into some fun quilt projects with this super cute frog shape. Perfect for baby gifts and children’s projects, as well as whimsical appliqué quilts and home décor.”

Or maybe the GO! Falk Art Fowl by Bill Kerr is your favourite.

Did you think only women do quilting or craft of any sort? Think again! Bill Kerr was inspired to create this Folk Art Fowl die while visiting his sister’s farm in Normandy, France. In seconds this die cuts one rooster, one hen and two eggs from multiple fabric layers. You’ll want to put these silhouettes on everything from hand towels to wall hangings. It even comes with an easy-to-follow pattern for a GO! Folk Art Fowl Quilt. Now that’s something to crow about!

Just a quick look at one project that you could make with the GO! Folk Art Fowl die – a talking piece for the breakfast bar! Each place mat measures 18″ x 12″ and includes square dies as well as the GO! Folk Art Fowl by Bill Kerr.

Then again how about a GO! Flamingo in the centre of your quilt? Flamingos aren’t just for Florida. This adorable applique shape is a proven hit – no matter where you are. This popular bird was voted into AccuQuilt’s permanent collection by AccuQuilt customers across the country and around the globe!

Or my personal favourite – Cute GO! Owl to keep an eye on you! Everyone loves owls, from kids to adults! Add this cute critter to your next project with the GO! Owl die. Eyes, wings, beak and body all included! Play with their placement to give each of your owls a different personality!

GO! Owl square and Cushion.

You can ‘go wild’ with all the cute critters to choose from, whether for children’s rooms, play areas or for lounge or dining rooms or whatever room you want them for. They make beautiful talking pieces and also show off your inspired creative talent. Have fun with your quilting and make them talking pieces.

All the dies have suggested projects and the free download is automatically added to your shopping cart with your purchase.

That is all I have for you today but I could not go past sharing all these cuties with you. So have fun. Thank you for visiting and exploring and as I always have to state (by law) that links in this post are affiliate links and if you purchase through these links I may receive a small commission. This helps me keep my website up to be able to bring you all sorts of tips, tricks and information.

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